The GoodNews of, God’s Grace through music

“GoodNews Music” is a collective of singers under the “GoodNews Nation” who have come together in one accord to write and minister a wholesome life based on the “unadulterated” Word of God. Our catalogue includes music that is solely focused on worshipping God and admonishing one another through what we call “celebratory ministration.”

About us

The Vision

"As commissioned by our President and visionary prophet, Uebert Angel, we have a mandate to spread the message of the Good News of God's grace through music. GoodNews Music has been realizing music that is solely grounded in the true Good News of God. Our mission is to empower believers as well as reach those who have not yet received the Good News of God's grace. Music, as we know it, is the only medium that can permeate through to your innermost being with or without consent. We understand that every sound that is made has significance, and that music was made to worship God."

Our team of Big Thinkers

Jordan Williams

Director of GoodNews Music & Choir

Director for GoodNewsMusic and Choir