About Us

Prophesying GoodNews Through Music

Our Mission

Our motto is “heaven full and hell empty,” and we are achieving this by spreading the GoodNews of God’s grace through our music.

Who Are We?​

GoodNews Music is a ministry of Spirit Embassy the GoodNews Church that facilitates and administrates the creation and exportation of worship songs, events, teachings. GoodNews Music consists of three divisions that serve our mission.


Record Label

GoodNews Music is a collective of artist under the Billion Records Label, which exists to carry the culture of Heaven full, hell empty. Our label manages the development of songs, production of music, manufacturing of merchandise, creative marketing, and distribution of the products we create.

Publishing The purpose of GoodNews Music

The purpose of GoodNews Music Publishing is to equip the church with worship songs that are solely focused on Giving God the Glory as well as understanding that we already are in the presence of God. Our aim is to operate with a high standard of excellence in business organization and effectively manage music licensing and copyright processes, song promotion, royalty collection, and key partnerships around the world.


Our events team aim is to bring God glory through authentic worship, to host His presence in cities throughout the world, and to see lives transformed in His presence. GoodNews Music worship leaders and musicians travel to host worship events in cities across the globe. GoodNews Music administrates the planning, promotion, marketing, and ticketing for these events.

The round Logo
 “Why The Halo?”

The GoodNews Music logo has been in existence since the commission of Spirit Embassy. It is a representation of the global prophetic mandate that was given to our founder Prophet Uebert Angel. This logo embodies the culture & lifestyle of the Spirit Embassy GoodNews Church. It reminds us that God is evidently working through us and among us supernaturally.

The Founder

Our cherished Man of God, Prophet Uebert Angel, had a dream that the wonderful news of God's grace would one day be communicated to all living things through whatever channels were available. One of these forms of expression is music. The goal of fusing together a wide range of musical styles is to illustrate the richness, variety, and splendour of the Word of God through the medium of song.